Long time no see! Feels like forever since I've been away though it's only been not quite three months. (Still a long time let's face it.) I'm back from university on Christmas break and didn't actually plan to start blogging again just yet but I found myself perusing the spring previews on some of my favourite fashion sites and really loving what I've been seeing so I thought I'd share some of the bits I've already got my eye on.

This is 'casual edition'. There are a few different combinations here all of which I'd wear for a day out shopping or a lovely summer pub lunch. I think this spring is going to be much more understated. A little bit of a 50/60's nod and a lot of gorgeous muted hues and classic shapes. I'm actually excited to wriggle out of my spiky jumpers and creepers for a bit if I'm honest and feel a touch more ladylike.

The three pieces down the centre and the flats on the bottom are from River Island and the navy wedges are from New Look. Everything else, surprisingly, comes from Primark! So that means I can actually stock up my summer wardrobe without bringing my bank balance to tears!

I'll be doing a few more of these: The dressed up edition, the beauty edition and maybe the holiday edition. If you have any other suggestions or things you'd like to see please don't hesitate to ask.

I'm really excited to be back. I'll do a catch up post at some point, you'll probably notice my blog going through (yet another) makeover at the moment. It's not quite finished but it'll be lovely when it is. I've decided to drop 'Maisy', a name that I made to protect my teenage identity and start going by my real name, Isabelle. Now that I'm twenty, I find the idea of sharing a small portion of my life on the internet far less daunting. Hopefully nobody minds. :)

SS13 Fashion Preview | Casual Edition



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