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One of my 2013 promises to myself (not really a resolution as it's hardly a serious life changing thing) is to take better care of my hair. Come the end of last year my hair was a wreck: over-bleached, dry and matted and just generally a horrible thing to have on my head! Now it's returned to an easier to maintain colour and has be cut and thinned so all the tangles are out and it feels so much healthier. I just need to put in the effort of keeping it that way!

I'd been seeing reviews on hair serums and decided to opt for something that had good reviews, but was still affordable. I ended up with this and I do really like it. I wasn't sure quite how to use it or what to expect but after a bit of trial and error I've found it a godsend.

After washing and towel drying my hair I use two pumps run through the midlengths and massaged into the ends before brushing through and blowdrying. My hair looks and feels considerably softer and smoother when I use this regularly, and at around £6.99 a bottle it's far easier on the old student budget than thirty quid's worth of Moroccan oil! I do only use this twice a week however, as much more and I find my hair getting greasy quicker.

I am interested in investing in a more luxurious hair oil in the future when I've got a bit more money to spend, but right now this one's doing me just fine. Let me know if you have any hair treatments you swear by. 



  1. I don't think I could ever not use Moroccan Oil after my mum introduced me to it quite a few years ago now but if I was looking for a cheaper alternative, I would definitely have to consider this! x

  2. My hair's ombred and I've noticed it's so much drier at the ends and gets tangled so easily now. I'm looking into buying a good hair oil and this sounds really nice! xx

  3. I love TRESemmé but I haven't heard of this product before, interesting!

  4. I use this and love it! I also sort of massage it into my mid length and ends and finds it absorbs better that way too :)

    Jayde xo

  5. I really want start using hair oils, this sounds so good. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  6. Nice post, product looks great I've never tried hair oils before but I really want start using hair oils.
    Mira hair oil


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