Sitting Waiting For The Sunshine


I admit it. I'm completely bored with autumn/winter. I've had just about enough of living in grey and burgundy and trying to wrestle my coat off without removing my hoodie in lectures. Spring to me signifies a fresh start and I always feel much happier and more positive when the sun's shining and everyone's dressed in colours. I've been collecting little bits here and there, magpie fashion, for when things eventually perk up. 

Anyway I just wanted to show a little collage I made out of various fashion magazines in my journal. (Yes I have a journal #sad) It's a great way to get in the mood for spring and to get ideas for colour coordination and mixing and matching key pieces which, when you're on a student budget is a necessity! 


  1. I love collages like this :) I'm bored with a/w too x

  2. Yeah, I'm all about layers and winter is perfect for that... But even I get bored sometimes. Looking forward to spring and summer, especially after this post :)

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