Favourite Summer Scents


Vera Wang Princess . Miss Dior Cherie . Marc Jacob's Daisy . Thierry Muglier Alien (sunessence) . Marc Jacobs Rain .

The weather's finally warming up! So in light of the lovely weather I thought I'd share some of my favourite summer scents. I don't necessarily not wear these in the winter, but I find that the warmer weather really brings these perfumes into their own. 

These are the more 'well known' typical perfumes. Vera Wang, Princess is a gorgeous delicate floral with the tiniest hint of vanilla and musk that can be a bit dull but, in for a quick spritz in the daytime spring is lovely and feminine and flirty. Marc Jacob's Daisy is another floral but with a little more body. For something named after a flower it's actually more of a fruity scent but is fresh and happy and I love wearing it. Miss Dior Cherie is more gourmand. It's a hot sweet starchy-ness, reminiscent of burnt sugar and strawberry and perfect accompaniment to floaty dresses and pretty florals. 

These are the slightly less well-known fragrances and are actually the two that I like the most. Thierry Muglier's Alien (Sunessence Light) is one of the limited edition Alien variation and it's an amazing light, green, fresh scent with hints of lemon and amber. This is one of those fragrances that get "ooh what are you wearing?" when I get close to people. Marc Jacob's Rain isn't exactly feminine, in fact it smells like someone put a man's cologne in a dress. It's an 'aquatic', smelling very fresh, like wet flowers and gets progressively muskier as you wear it. It's a great fragrance to wear when you want something classier than your average spritzes of sugar.

 Thankyou for reading! Let me know what your favourite summer fragrances are. 


  1. I love Daisy, such a lovely scent x

  2. I love Princess but my favourite right now is the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! Sunsheer edition
    : ]

    1. I love the original Lola, I didn't know there was another version! :)

  3. I really want to try the Alien perfume out sounds amazing great post :) x


  4. Vera Wang princess and Marc Jacobs daisy are two of my al time favourite perfumes, it helps that the bottles are adorable too :)


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