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Way back in January the lovely folks at Deluxebite offered to send me their January box to sample and, being a bit of a closet foodie and student who doesn't pass up free food, I said a very enthusiastic yes! 
 Deluxebite is a really interesting company. A monthly subscription of £20 gets you a box of luxury food items sent to you once a month. While £20 seems like a lot, all the products are full sized and very decadent so if you've got the cash and love experiencing new foods it would certainly be a good deal. 

This particular box featured the following: 

Raman's Handmade Butternut Squash Relish
Great Glen Game Venison Chorizo
Coffee Factory Black Label Coffee
Nim's Kiwi and Apple Fruit Crisps
Bracken Hille Fine Foods' Sugar Free Chutney 

The reason this review has taken me a while is because I actually don't like chutney and I don't drink coffee but i know someone who does: My fabulous mummy. So I gave her those, along with the butternut squash, as part of her Mother's Day present. She absolutely loved all three items and actually the coffee's already gone and the chutney's well on it's way out and she's thinking of buying more!

As for the items I tried: The fruit crisps were delicious. I had them one day as a mid morning snack and they made a nice change from my usual cereal bars or dried cranberries. The venison chorizo was a little more complicated to figure out what to do with but I eventually sliced it up and threw it, with some chicken and sliced peppers into a tomato pasta dish. It was a bit strange but I actually really enjoyed it, very smoky and gamey. 

I don't think I would subscribe simply because I can't justify £20 a month on a student budget. However as I said if you've got the cash to blow it would be a lovely treat for yourself and even if you don't fancy something in the box it could easily be used as a gift.  Also worth remembering is that for each box bought, Deluxebite funds a meal for a family living in poverty in the UK. 

This post features products sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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