Instant Bedhead | Umberto Giannini's 'Backcomb In A Bottle'


I'm baaaaack! Exams are over and my holidays have begun! I know things will take some time to pick up again round here but I have four whole months off and plenty of fun things I want to share with you guys and hopefully I'll be able to keep the momentum going into my next year of uni.
I just wanted to come back with a product I've been testing out recently, the Backcomb In A Bottle spray. It's a clear mist that you spritz into the roots of your hair and massage in to make perfect tousled bed hair. I've heard people complain that this makes their hair greasy and it does a little but as I usually only use it on nights out for extra volume and wash my hair the morning after it's not really a problem at all.
Despite this it does exactly what it claims, and creates a lovely fluffy volume that gives an 'undone' look to hairstyles. I like to curl my hair before a night out and mist this all over and massage it in by hand before softly brushing through. Cue instant bed-head hair!
I do recommend this product, particularly if you backcomb regularly and want to find a less damaging alternative for your hair. While I might not give as much volume as you want, it would certainly mean you require less teasing and general hair torture! Plus it holds well but washes out easily and leaves no gross residue.


  1. I usually find backcombing products pretty awkward to use, but I really like this one! I have a small size one at the moment, but once it's done I'll definitely be investing in the large one! x

  2. asdfghjk i love your blog, but it wont let me follow? <3


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