I've wanted to start featuring DIYs on here for a while, so I thought I'd start off with a really simple way to reinvent old or unwanted jewellery. The only things you need are said pieces of jewellery, makeup sponges and nail polishes you don't mid using quite a bit of. A white nail polish is very helpful but not completely necessary. You'll also want to make sure you have a protected surface to work on (I just used some scrap paper to work on)

First off the ring! I bought this one from Primark a while back but didn't wear it as often as I thought I would so might benefit from a revamp. I started off by sponging a good layer of white polish. I think this is a good idea for any darker jewellery. I ended up doing two coats and letting it dry for a few minutes. 
Then I used three lovely pastel shades and sponged in layers gradually building up the colour. The below picture is before it's final coat and the top picture is the finished result. 

Next the necklace! This was attached to a top that Mama bought a while back, she liked the top but the necklace just sat in a drawer until I found it! Neon jewellery is popular at the moment so I decided to use bright highlighter shades to get this piece up to date. In the end I only used the pink and decided that any more would over do it, though a necklace with panels would probably look amazing with different neons side by side. I did get a little polish on the links but a little nail polish remover took care of that! 

I hope you try out this little crafty project, it's really easy and a great way to breathe life into any old jewellery that's just lying around. Feel free to share this idea on your own blogs too! Thankyou for reading!
Crafty | Reinventing Old Jewellery


Greetings all, I'm currently sat in my room having had a lovely summer BBQ I was planning completely rained off (till Tuesday anyway.) I think we in Britain were lulled into a false sense of security with the amazing weather we were having and then the heavens decided to open all over us, just so we wouldn't get too cocky.

But as I'm currently sat with the rain pouring outside I decided to share my current 3 favourite lippies, and the 3 I will be taking on holiday with me. A while ago I decided to start making use of some of the brights in my collection rather than just sticking with the nude pinks and peaches and I've actually really enjoyed making more of my lips. During the summer I spend a lot of time in sunglasses so fancy eye makeup is a bit redundant, but I'm really enjoying the combination of just liner and mascara with a bright lip. So without further ado (i.e. prattling on) here are my current three favourite lipsticks:

01. MAC's Flamingo - A staggeringly pretty coral that leans more to the pink end of the spectrum. It's glossy but comfortable to wear and is what I'm wearing in the top photo. I think it would flatter most and creates a bit of interest without being too loud. Sadly it is discontinued but Peace by 17 at Boots is pretty close as is Smashbox's Melondrama.

02. Revlon's Lip Butter Strawberry Shortcake - A perfect glossy mid-toned pink that can be dabbed on or layered depending on how much colour you want. For me this is the perfect transition into brighter lip colours if, like me, you usually stick with subtle colours or bare lips as the colour and texture make it very wearable.

03. Revlon's Matte Strawberry Suede - This is my bravest colour, I don't really do reds but this one has been getting used recently. It's matte but not at all chalky or drying and the rich cool red is very elegant looking while still being quite modern, particularly when paired with minimal makeup. Anyone looking to get a matte red, I would highly suggest this. It also turns a messy bun and sunglasses into a very cute casual rockabilly style I find!

Hopefully you found that helpful, let me know which are your current favourite lip colours. Do find sunglasses weather has you reaching for bright lips? 

Top 3 Lippies | SS13 Edition


.Finding that dress, you know, that one that is just the length, colour and cut you were looking for that fits you like a glove and makes you look staggeringly good.

.Being better than your siblings at their favourite video game (See little brother and Mass Effect 3)

.Stalking through the internet for pictures of Norman Reedus, Kit Harington, Douglas Booth or some other gorgeous human being... I would make so many sandwiches for those three #fangirl

.Playlists of songs from your youth. Just whack on B*Witched, Vengaboys or Busted and watch me crack out the moves make a royal tit of myself.

.When your interest in video games/ good music and TV/ sport/ garners you more attention from the males than the tiny lacy bralet being worn by the obnoxious airhead across the room.

.Making just the tiniest positive change in someone's life. I visited the old people's care home that Mama manages and painted a few of the ladies' nails. They really liked it and it gave me the warmest fuzzies ^_^

.The realisation that you understand certain looks and sounds that your pet makes. E.g. Cat's neck stretched as far as possible with wide eyes staring at me = that thing your sitting on/ using? I quite fancy a nap on that... moveplz.

apologies for the less than in-depth post today, I'm not feeling hugely inspired but I thought it'd be nice to just share a few things that have made me happy recently, we spend far too much time focusing on the bits of our lives that aren't perfect when there's so much to be happy about, even just the little things.

What's been making you happy recently? 

Happiness Is...


I'm due to go on holiday in a few weeks! (August the tenth to be precise) it's probably one of the last holidays I'll take with my family as in a few years I'll be out of uni and striking out on my own! (I hope) And it's been a really busy year for all of us, My parents have both had really tough times with work, my little brother had his GCSEs to stress over and, as I've mentioned  I've just finished my first year of uni, so we're having a lovely relaxing villa break in Menorca! So I'm looking forward to lying by the pool with a tall icy glass of diet coke and just enjoying some good books. This is what I'll be taking with me to read, although I have a few more free books downloaded on my kindle If I manage to get through all of these.

.When God Was a Rabbit - Sarah Winman.

I confess this one was actually stolen from mama's bookshelf. She bought it quite a while ago and the title and pretty cover always appealed to me. She enjoyed it and, although we have very different tastes it sounds like something I would also enjoy! The back doesn't give much away, just that it's a book about love, particularly between a brother and sister. I have to say in a society of romances chucked into every story, I absolutely love a good book or film about familial or platonic (non-romantic) love, I think they're often far more interesting and emotional than typical romances. Plus I assume there'll be a fluffy bunny involved and that sounds good to me! 

.The Hundred Year Old Man - Jonas Jonasson.

I may have shortened the title slightly... This book has been getting amazing reviews on Goodreads and as my summer job is working at an old people's home it's something I'm really interested to read. The title basically says what it's about, a man in a retirement home, on his one hundredth birthday climbs out of his window and runs away and has all sorts of escapades. Sounds adorable and funny so I can't wait to read it. 

.The Emperor's Edge - Lindsay Buroker.

Finally my Kindle, which comes with me anywhere that I might end up sat awkward and alone and need something to read. The Emperor's Edge was a free book in the Kindle store which is quite often a synonym for 'not particularly good' but, having looked it up in Goodreads, (THE site for book lovers might I add!) I saw that it had very positive comments. It's set in a steampunk universe and follows a young enforcer (essentially police officer) as she attempts to deal with a conspiracy to kill the Emperor! I've already read a few chapters and am enjoying it so far :)

Hopefully I'll get through all these, either on the two hour flights there and back or while relaxing by our pool. I'll definitely give a reviews once I'm done. I've been wanting to get back into my book reviews as I've been stuck reading uni books for the last few months! But now that I have free time I can enjoy good books and share my favourites with you guys :)

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you've read any of these books or if more book reviews would be something you'd like to read here on BELLAETC xxx

Summer Reading List


Hello! Hope you're well :)
I'm thinking of making this a regular feature on my blog, maybe monthly or once every two months I want to showcase a selection of my favourite blogs that I think my followers would also enjoy. Let me know if this is something that you, as a reader, would be interested in me doing.
So without further ado allow me to introduce today's five: 

A lovely blog that's a little bit of everything, pretty fashion posts, snippets of lifestyle and lovely arty bits and pieces that Danielle sells on her Etsy shop. She's just one of those people who I read thinking 'Can I just have your life please??' when I see all the places she visits and the things she gets up to! 
I could read this blog for hours, plus the whole blog is pastel-tastic-gorgeousness! 

Elaina Loser Smith - by Elaina

Another lovely blog that I really enjoy reading. It's another 'bit of everything' blog (they're very much my favourite) Elaina's blog can have a beauty post, followed by a book review, followed by a 'savings' post sharing a list promo codes she's come across recently. My favourite feature of hers is her book club. She always features amazing books that are great intelligent books for female readers.

Possibly my favourite Aussie blog! Gabriella posts mostly fashion, always unexpected coordinates that always inspire me to get creative with my own outfits. She also runs her own jewellery and accessories business on Etsy and did a really great series a while back on how Etsy store owners can improve their business! 

An absolutely beautiful lifestyle blog. I feel like Dilan could make a book out of the beautiful pictures she takes and amazing art she does. It'd be something I would flick through in the bath with scented candles lit then leave on the coffee table when I had visitors round. It's mostly short posts just giving a quick peek into her day accompanied by pictures of beautiful skies, things she's bought or amazing artwork she's doing. 

I love nail blogs, and rely on them whenever I'm considering a polish splurge. Amy's blog is my absolute go to for new shades to obsess over as well as interesting ways to wear polish. She doesn't simply slap the polish on and take pictures, she comes up with great ways to use colours and finishes to create beautiful nails. The pictures are also very clear and the colour is always accurate and I love her page on hand and nail care!

Those are my recommendations, definitely have a look at their blogs and bask in the lovely writing and pictures!
Let me know if you already follow any of these wonderful ladies. 

Five Blogs to Follow


For the first time in a long while chunky, chunky shoes are out of the limelight and sleek minimal heels are sneaking into our wardrobes. I really love the look of these, They're a refreshing change from the huge platforms, lita - styles and crazy 90's flatforms and instead are sophisticated and flattering, complementing an outfit rather than fighting for attention.  (Exactly the words I used to describe my pastel polishes funnily) I've wanted to own a pair for a long time but they are quite pricey, River Island has a gorgeous selection, a few of which I definitely want but they'll set you back £45.00 a pair! Topshop's various offerings cost up to about eighty quid! insanity
These two pairs I actually picked up while following my mum round Marks and Spencers! Normally I just drag round behind her until she's done and we can go look in Topshop but as I wandered through the shoe section there caught my eye and I found these two pairs along with another pair in a lovely shell pink colour. 

Both pairs sell for £25.00 each and the mint coloured ones were reduced to £15.00 so I decided I could justify taking both pairs home. I'm going on holiday soon and will definitely be taking at least one of these pairs for evenings. (Actually my mum loves the silver pair so I think she'll pack those, I'll pack the mint and we'll just share them) Both look beautiful with pretty white sundresses as well as more tight fitted evening wear. Also it gives you a chance to show off your perfectly manicured toes! I would still love a pair (or ten) of the ones from River Island (the coral pair and the lime green pair at least!)  but these ones are a great way to start off my collection.
Have you tried the barely there heels trend?  Where do you think does the nicest pairs?

Pretty Things | Barely There Heels


Coke float! | Being a tit | I just like staring into the windows!
 Some doodling | Monsters Inc jammies! | Kitty napping in the sun
Cheeky Starbucks et bagel | Lounging in the garden | How I spend far too much of my time.

It's been forever since I had any kind of catch up post so I thought it was high time. Has everyone been enjoying the sunshine? I love it during the day but my bedroom window doesn't open all the way so at night I have to swelter in my baking room with the cat trying to snuggle up to me. I've finished my first year of university! I passed (just but I'm still pleased considering I did roughly zero work.) I'm really excited for next year though I've chosen all my English modules and they're perfect for my literature-nerd self! (Seriously I've got Shakespeare, the Bronte's, Oscar Wilde, Gothic Novels the whole she-bang coming next year..... sorry I'll stop.) But for now it's just enjoying the summer, flexing my artistic muscles, catching up with old school friends and trying to finally finish Pokemon Emerald! I've been at it for almost six months!

How are you enjoying the summer? 


Dear Diary #3


Topshop - Barefoot | Topshop - Parma Violet | Rimmel Pro - Peppermint
O.P.I - Lucky Lucky Lavender | Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream

Hey hey! I'm currently sat with mama watching The Apprentice (intense stuff!) and thought I'd share my favourite nail polishes for SS13. Although I've always had a soft spot for pastels, this season's hues are cooler, less sugary and more grown up than  in the past but that suits me just fine.  The colours are all feminine but without the obnoxious loud qualities that you would get from a bright pink or glittery polish and complement your outfit rather than fight with it for attention.
Barefoot is a muted pink toned nude, Parma Violet is a creamy lilac, Peppermint is a crisp peppermint colour (who'da thunk it?) Lucky Lucky Lavender is an utterly perfect pink toned lavender (again, shocking!) and Lemon Ice Cream is a cool sweet yellow colour. Some of these I've owned for a few years and they make a comeback every summer! Just see my last years SS nail polish post here for proof!  

These are my picks but I'm always interested to know what other people love. (I wouldn't class myself as a big spender but I rarely go out shopping without coming back with at least one nail polish!) Let me know what your favourites are!


SS13 Polish Picks


Finally! Summer in the UK! Things are looking up weather-wise. This adorable little dress and sandals look perfect for a lovely Sunday pub lunch or BBQ and at the moment I'm physically unable to not accessorize and both the cuff and amethyst necklace have caught my eye recently, as dainty enough to wear in the daytime but still giving an edge to my outfits which I love. The bag is a perfect daytime 'lugging-my-crap-about' bag and is a lovely muted duck-egg blue.

The perfume, Sartorial by Penhaligon's is actually a men's fragrance but after seeing this review on Youtube (if you're at all interested in perfume you have to sub to Katie Puckrik, she's just brilliant) I gave it a sniff and I fell in love. It starts out fresh and clean and gets all warm and musky and just smells charming and not fusty or 'blokey' at all. The link above isn't to the actual fragrance, but to a £1.50 sample which I'm going to buy a few of, as the £58 for the 50ML bottle isn't really something I can justify right now. maybe I'll ask for it as part of my birthday in September...

What do you think of my wishlist? Anything you've been lusting after recently?

Wishlist || July Edition


 I've recently started collecting more jewellery, I'm not sure where the sudden obsession came from, I never really used to wear much but in the last few months my collection has probably doubled in size! So since I now own enough to actually have favourites I thought I'd share a few of my most loved pieces. 

 The bird skull necklace from LoveHeartsandCrosses is a perfect example of my jewellery tastes. I love wearing pretty girly outfits and adding a tough edge with quirky, striking accessories and there's nothing like having a pointy bird skull dangling in front of your floral sundress! The little ring* is from Timothy Roe is a stunning little addition to my ring collection and looks adorable next to my more masculine pieces as well as stacked with other small delicate rings.

 Bracelets are probably what I've collected most of, I'm very late on the stacking bracelets bandwagon but I've jumped on with all my might! Both of these are from New Look and again the spikes and tiger faces add that little bit of interest to my outfits which I love. In fact I loved the tiger face bracelets so much that I actually bought two of them! So should one ever start to break or unravel I have another one to fall back on. I have a lot more bracelets so maybe I'll do an independent post on those. 

Finally another undeniable jewellery trend, turquoise. Again I have quite a lot of turquoise pieces but these are my favourite. The bracelet is from LoveHeartsandCrosses and the necklace is from New Look. I tend to use both these pieces layered with other things as turquoise is a very complementary colour and looks good paired with a variety of shades. The bracelet in particular looks amazing whether it's part of a symphony of pastels or the pop of colour in a silver and monochrome coordinate.

Let me know your favourite places to find jewellery! I need to feed my addiction!

* indicates a product given to me for review purposes. My opinions are always honest and I do not accept paid product sponsorship :) 

Pretty Things | SS13 Jewellery


. Bucket List . Page of Things I Love .

Hey hey! As I said in a previous post, I want to be more creative this summer and really devote my time to getting my creative juices flowing! So a little while ago I purchased a lovely little fabric notebook from Paperchase (shown below) and am filling it with inspiration and happy makers. Some pages are pretty outfits and styles I pieced together from magazines (see the page of Baby-Goth-Girl clothes below.) Some are full of quotes and lists and some I just filled with patterns!

I'm hoping to expand what's in it, I'd love to include sketches, craft ideas, maybe use it as a dream diary too!
The possibilities are endless and I'll definitely share a few more pages once I've filled it up a bit more.

Let me know any creative plans you have for the summer! 

. Fashion Mood Board . Favourite Quotes .

. Inspiration . Pattern Page .

A Peek in My Journal .01


Holy suncream Batman! Where is the year going!?
July really crept up on me, I was so busy getting myself together after coming back from uni I had no idea what the date was until my little brother 'pinch-punch-first-of-the-month'd me! SO mature.

But this month I really want to get some things done so I thought I'd share my July plans. They're quite indoorsy things as in August I have two holidays and a festival so I won't have time to get these things done between packing and preparing for funtimes and the actual having of said funtimes.

The first set of plans is basically getting myself organised and decluttering my room which, after 16 years of having an owner who doesn't like throwing anything away, is starting to get horribly just a bit out of hand. The second is about getting creative and inspired. As I said in August I've got a lot on and will have to spend a lot of time being outside and/or with other people so I won't have much time to myself and therefore won't have as much time to be creative (you try writing a novel with flatmates or parents looking over your shoulder. Off-putting to say the least!) so I'm allowing myself, when not at work or seeing friends, to dedicate June to really exercising my creative brain-power! 

01. Organising

 Have a massive makeup/beauty chuck-out >> My beauty and makeup preferences have changed so much over the past few years, but I still own a lot of the makeup I was wearing when I was 17! There are all sorts of frosty peach lipglosses and neon green eyeshadows (Oh lordy) cluttering up my drawers and sitting in bags that I'm never going to use again. I want to chuck all that out and condense my makeup down to the products I love and use regularly. That gives me space for more!
Donate my old/unwanted clothes >> Same story really. So much in my wardrobe that I just never wear! I'm going to dig right into the back of my wardrobe and pull out all the crap. The good stuff that just doesn't fit or isn't my style anymore I'll be donating to the various charity shops in my little hometown, and the things that I don't think anyone would really want to buy I want to give to a charity that gives clothes out to the homeless or those who simply can't afford clothes. Gets rid or my clutter, helps out other people and makes my soul a little shinier too. Win/Win!
♥ Create an official desk space to myself >> Unbelievably I actually have two desks in my room at home (as opposed to uni), but neither actually functions as a desk, more just two miscellaneous crap tables. I want to organise at least one of them and equip it with a stationary holder, pen box and other jazzy things so I have a place where I can write, research and be productive over the three months I'm going to be spending here! 

02. Creating

♥ Win Camp NaNoWriMo! >> I tried to do NaNoWriMo (Don't know what it is? Click here!) back in November, and I did pretty well but I had so much work to get done. I got four essays in two weeks! So I had to prioritize and give up. However there is another opportunity during the summer and I've decided to give it another go. It started today and will go for a month. I've manged to complete today so I'm feeling good. If all goes well I may share a snippet of what I'm writing here!
♥ Create an Inspiration Board >> This is to go with the aforementioned desk space. I've always wanted to make a big board full of the things I love and find inspiring but I've just never gotten round to it. Well no excuses! I've spent ages looking at Pinterest and Weheartit at other people's and have found a big board in which to create my masterpiece! Should be interesting!
♥ Start Scrap-booking >> Another thing I've wanted to do for ever and ever! I just want to make something to keep all of my lists and drawings and favourite magazine articles and quotes and photos of the days I spend with my friends and family. I've finally purchased one from Paperchase, this one if you're interested. I'm starting to invest in colouring/ arty bits and pieces and even if I only fill a few pages I'll be happy that I've made a start.

If you have any plans for July definitely let me know! 

.July's To Do List | De-Clutter and Create



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