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Hello! Hope you're well :)
I'm thinking of making this a regular feature on my blog, maybe monthly or once every two months I want to showcase a selection of my favourite blogs that I think my followers would also enjoy. Let me know if this is something that you, as a reader, would be interested in me doing.
So without further ado allow me to introduce today's five: 

A lovely blog that's a little bit of everything, pretty fashion posts, snippets of lifestyle and lovely arty bits and pieces that Danielle sells on her Etsy shop. She's just one of those people who I read thinking 'Can I just have your life please??' when I see all the places she visits and the things she gets up to! 
I could read this blog for hours, plus the whole blog is pastel-tastic-gorgeousness! 

Elaina Loser Smith - by Elaina

Another lovely blog that I really enjoy reading. It's another 'bit of everything' blog (they're very much my favourite) Elaina's blog can have a beauty post, followed by a book review, followed by a 'savings' post sharing a list promo codes she's come across recently. My favourite feature of hers is her book club. She always features amazing books that are great intelligent books for female readers.

Possibly my favourite Aussie blog! Gabriella posts mostly fashion, always unexpected coordinates that always inspire me to get creative with my own outfits. She also runs her own jewellery and accessories business on Etsy and did a really great series a while back on how Etsy store owners can improve their business! 

An absolutely beautiful lifestyle blog. I feel like Dilan could make a book out of the beautiful pictures she takes and amazing art she does. It'd be something I would flick through in the bath with scented candles lit then leave on the coffee table when I had visitors round. It's mostly short posts just giving a quick peek into her day accompanied by pictures of beautiful skies, things she's bought or amazing artwork she's doing. 

I love nail blogs, and rely on them whenever I'm considering a polish splurge. Amy's blog is my absolute go to for new shades to obsess over as well as interesting ways to wear polish. She doesn't simply slap the polish on and take pictures, she comes up with great ways to use colours and finishes to create beautiful nails. The pictures are also very clear and the colour is always accurate and I love her page on hand and nail care!

Those are my recommendations, definitely have a look at their blogs and bask in the lovely writing and pictures!
Let me know if you already follow any of these wonderful ladies. 


  1. I love Gabriella and Dilan's blogs! I'll check out the others too :)

    Becky xox

  2. Great recommendations, I'm going to check them all out!

  3. I don't actually follow any of these, off to check them out!

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. I don't follow any of these either, will definitely check these out!! xx

    Rachael |
    MAC Giveaway!

  5. Great post! Have to check these blogs out
    You have a lovely blog!

  6. Oh this is such a lovely thing for you to do!! I will be sure to check everyone's blogs out :)) xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. thanks! I thought I'd share the love :p x

  7. This is awesome, thank you so much, I'm very flattered! Gonna check out the rest of your picks too. :)

    1. No problem! :) Hope you like them x


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