Happiness Is...


.Finding that dress, you know, that one that is just the length, colour and cut you were looking for that fits you like a glove and makes you look staggeringly good.

.Being better than your siblings at their favourite video game (See little brother and Mass Effect 3)

.Stalking through the internet for pictures of Norman Reedus, Kit Harington, Douglas Booth or some other gorgeous human being... I would make so many sandwiches for those three #fangirl

.Playlists of songs from your youth. Just whack on B*Witched, Vengaboys or Busted and watch me crack out the moves make a royal tit of myself.

.When your interest in video games/ good music and TV/ sport/ garners you more attention from the males than the tiny lacy bralet being worn by the obnoxious airhead across the room.

.Making just the tiniest positive change in someone's life. I visited the old people's care home that Mama manages and painted a few of the ladies' nails. They really liked it and it gave me the warmest fuzzies ^_^

.The realisation that you understand certain looks and sounds that your pet makes. E.g. Cat's neck stretched as far as possible with wide eyes staring at me = that thing your sitting on/ using? I quite fancy a nap on that... moveplz.

apologies for the less than in-depth post today, I'm not feeling hugely inspired but I thought it'd be nice to just share a few things that have made me happy recently, we spend far too much time focusing on the bits of our lives that aren't perfect when there's so much to be happy about, even just the little things.

What's been making you happy recently? 


  1. Finding a dress that fits is awesome. I'm pretty tall so whenever I find one that isn't too short I get so happy.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I have the opposite problem, I'm only 5'1 so most things are too long! x

  2. Great list! I <3 Kit Harington!

  3. beautiful blog! .. and new follower ;)


  4. such a cute cat!! and i so agree/feel the same with your first point!


  5. Finding an amazing dress is on my list! And doing my nails without getting ugly bubbles too. I struggle at getting a perfect mani. Such a trivial thing to get happy over but still :)

    1. Ooh yes that's a good feeling too :D x

  6. With summer here I've been LOVIN' hanging out on the back porch in the shade of our big umbrella. Warmth with a slight breeze, sun and flowers...PERFECTION!


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