Top 3 Lippies | SS13 Edition


Greetings all, I'm currently sat in my room having had a lovely summer BBQ I was planning completely rained off (till Tuesday anyway.) I think we in Britain were lulled into a false sense of security with the amazing weather we were having and then the heavens decided to open all over us, just so we wouldn't get too cocky.

But as I'm currently sat with the rain pouring outside I decided to share my current 3 favourite lippies, and the 3 I will be taking on holiday with me. A while ago I decided to start making use of some of the brights in my collection rather than just sticking with the nude pinks and peaches and I've actually really enjoyed making more of my lips. During the summer I spend a lot of time in sunglasses so fancy eye makeup is a bit redundant, but I'm really enjoying the combination of just liner and mascara with a bright lip. So without further ado (i.e. prattling on) here are my current three favourite lipsticks:

01. MAC's Flamingo - A staggeringly pretty coral that leans more to the pink end of the spectrum. It's glossy but comfortable to wear and is what I'm wearing in the top photo. I think it would flatter most and creates a bit of interest without being too loud. Sadly it is discontinued but Peace by 17 at Boots is pretty close as is Smashbox's Melondrama.

02. Revlon's Lip Butter Strawberry Shortcake - A perfect glossy mid-toned pink that can be dabbed on or layered depending on how much colour you want. For me this is the perfect transition into brighter lip colours if, like me, you usually stick with subtle colours or bare lips as the colour and texture make it very wearable.

03. Revlon's Matte Strawberry Suede - This is my bravest colour, I don't really do reds but this one has been getting used recently. It's matte but not at all chalky or drying and the rich cool red is very elegant looking while still being quite modern, particularly when paired with minimal makeup. Anyone looking to get a matte red, I would highly suggest this. It also turns a messy bun and sunglasses into a very cute casual rockabilly style I find!

Hopefully you found that helpful, let me know which are your current favourite lip colours. Do find sunglasses weather has you reaching for bright lips? 


Thankyou for your comments! I love reading your thoughts :)


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