Wishlist || July Edition


Finally! Summer in the UK! Things are looking up weather-wise. This adorable little dress and sandals look perfect for a lovely Sunday pub lunch or BBQ and at the moment I'm physically unable to not accessorize and both the cuff and amethyst necklace have caught my eye recently, as dainty enough to wear in the daytime but still giving an edge to my outfits which I love. The bag is a perfect daytime 'lugging-my-crap-about' bag and is a lovely muted duck-egg blue.

The perfume, Sartorial by Penhaligon's is actually a men's fragrance but after seeing this review on Youtube (if you're at all interested in perfume you have to sub to Katie Puckrik, she's just brilliant) I gave it a sniff and I fell in love. It starts out fresh and clean and gets all warm and musky and just smells charming and not fusty or 'blokey' at all. The link above isn't to the actual fragrance, but to a £1.50 sample which I'm going to buy a few of, as the £58 for the 50ML bottle isn't really something I can justify right now. maybe I'll ask for it as part of my birthday in September...

What do you think of my wishlist? Anything you've been lusting after recently?


  1. I love the bag :) I ordered from Delilah Dust a while a go and really liked the stuff but now whenever they post on instagram there are always loads of people saying they're still waiting after weeks and it's put me off buying from them again.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Really? That is a little worrying, maybe I'll give it a miss x

  2. That bag is absolutely beautiful!~ And ooh - I'd buy that necklace in a heartbeat. It's so pretty. n__n

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  3. I love that amethyst necklace :) I used to have one just like it, I miss it! Great wishlist xoxo


  4. i love that bag! i want everything on here >.<

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    from Brigitte at BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin' | Twitter


  5. Your wish list is gorgeous. I luuurv the colour of that bag! xx
    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  6. I absolutely love the dainty amethyst necklace - I'd definitely wear that! xxx

  7. I absolutely adore and want everything on your list hun; such gorgeous pieces! <3 The dress and the sandals are to die for! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  8. Cute wishes


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