Life Lessons Learned


01. Using the phrase "when I grow up" at nearly twenty-one years old, makes people look at you funny...
02. People have an average tolerance of 3 photos of your cat before the "aww!"s stop being genuine. 
03. Life is improved dramatically by a clutter free room.
04. Kindles will never replace real books. But they're still very handy if you can't be without a story. 
05. Anyone who saw the original Pokemon series first will be eternally disappointed by those that came after.
06. Learning to accept an apology you never got is a step towards a high level of being. 
07. Someone walking in on you dancing in your room with headphones in will never ever not be embarrassing...
08. Take photographs. You will only regret that you didn't later.
09. No matter what the world tells you, you get further in life being nice to people than you do being a dick.
10. Putting on a funny accent when you talk to strangers is just hilarious. 
11. Just because you're sorry doesn't mean you deserve to be forgiven.
12. A long lovely bubble bath solves many problems. 
13. The people who talk the most often have very little to say.
14. Conversely, the quietest people often have the loudest minds.
15. People think it's weird to get crushes on fictional characters... until it happens to them.

I haven't done any sort of little personal posts in ages! This is actually an update of something I posted a while ago on here, but since got deleted along with all the other posts pre my long hiatus. I'd really love to do some more of these lists so let me know if you enjoyed, and of course let me know any little life lessons you've learned! 


  1. Love this post! I found number 2 funny, people probably feel the same about my guinepig photos, haha :)xo

    1. I know, we can look at our own pets all day but anyone else's gets very boring! x

  2. Agree with most of your points, but i have to say i still love pokemon and i've been there from the beginning!

    Couldn't agree more with taking photographs, i always regret not taking my camera with me or taking enough photos >__<

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. haha I don't mind it THAT much, it's just never as good as the original! x

  3. What a lovely post :) I definitely regret not taking more photos when I was younger, but I am trying to make up for it!

    Also, I'm turning 24 in a few months and I *still* say "When I grow up..." - I don't think I'm ever growing up x

    1. Thankyou! I'm glad you enjoyed :) Oh lord me neither. I'll be saying it when I'm old and grey I suspect! x

  4. Loved this post, number 13 and 14 really had me thinking and nodding my head! Some also really had me giggling :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. It's definitely something I've learned! aww great, I'm glad you like them :) x

  5. Enjoyed reading this :) especially what you said about Kindles! I don't know about you, but I am forever ranting about how Kindles can't replace books and you can't get that new/old book smell from them :P I like the bottom picture about making the leap of faith as well :) great post! xxx

    1. I definitely agree, and you can't look at them all stacked on shelves either! Thankyou :) xxx

  6. This is really great. I love reading other peoples thoughts on these kinds of things. Taking life for granted and ignoring the important things you learnt along the way, just doesn't help anybody, theres no growth in that. The points you mention will resinate with so many people, and its awesome to have a common link to people- especially regarding these kinds of things! Brings us together I guess. Cool stuff. More please :)


  7. I still say 'when I grow up' & I'm 24, I think it's perfectly acceptable to use it no matter what your age. I'll probably still be saying it when I'm 80! And you're right, it's the quiet people that I'm always most excited to get to know <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Just found your blog, this is the first post I've read and I loved it! Everything is so true and made me smile :)

  9. Awww I love this list! 02 is so true hahaha, thats what happens when i show my boyfriend pictures of cute dogs I find on instagram. And the taking pictures one is a lovely thing to remember too. :)

  10. Number 15 is basically my life. I'll never love anyone as much as I love Dexter or The Hound :( xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  11. Love this post! I feel like I never grow tired of looking at cats though

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  12. I'm loving 1, 2, and 14 because I can totally relate. Emphasis on #2... not because I can ever get tired of cat pictures, but because I show them to other people way too much. :)

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  13. Hey Bella,
    So pleased you posted your lovely comment on my "On being weird" post because it has allowed me to reach your blog! Really enjoyed reading this post; this little list made me laugh :)
    Re your comment: I'm sorry about your unfortunate experiences but you are definitely right - it's important to be yourself, whoever that might be, and we should all embrace one another's quirks because that's what makes us all unique :)
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Your blog is lovely :)
    Love Beeta xx


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