Wishlist || September Edition: Back To School


It's autumn! Well. Sortof. 

It's still pretty warm here in the UK but I'm not naive enough to think that this is going to last much longer, so it's time to start a spot of back to school shopping! I've already got a nice stash of sharpie pens, folders and writing paper as well as all my reading list for next year. But Back To School stuff doesn't just mean stationary, though it is one of my favourite things to buy! There's also the lovely snuggly new AW clothes that I can tramp to lectures in.  I like to be nice and comfy in lectures, but not feel like I can't go for a coffee with my lecture buddies straight after, so I like to pair my simple, slouchy winter staples with a statement piece that turns the look from 'student who just rolled out of bed' into a put together outfit. 

The above of course shows the more interesting pieces, that can be put with things you already have in your wardrobe to update it for the season! The amazing print jumper can be put with skinnies, black is fine but wine, navy and deep green are all colours that would look amazing and much more 'together', rolled up a little with ankle boots or other comfy shoes thrown on to complete the look. The skirt works in the same way, but with tops. I personally think it would look amazing with a loose, chunky sweater in any rich, warm colour you have knocking around, but could also look nice with a tee tucked in with the belt added and a leather jacket over the top for something more fancy, tights and ankle boots or simple court heels would tie the whole thing together beautifully. 

My final piece is the denim dress, which can be worn day or night. I can traipse to lectures with a huge slouchy cardi, tights and boots and, if the lecture hall is too hot (even in winter that can happen) I don't have to sit and cook for an hour! Then for an evening look, lose the cardi, don the necklace, some chunky heels and fancy patterned tights if it's very chilly outside and bam, sorted! The bag is more interesting than your standard black/brown but would go with anything, and the nail polish isn't a quintessentially autumn colour, however I love a little contrast in my outfits and this muted pistachio colour is perfect to offset the blacks, blues and greys I'm usually wearing in the winter and add some interest. Plus it's called Venus Flytrap. How adorable is that!? *squee*

Let me know what your back to school staples are! 


  1. I love all of the stuff that you picked out! I could see it on the thumbnail before I clicked on it and could tell I was going to love it all! I especially like those boots, perfect for winter! I'm planning for Autumn too even though it is still summer, got to plan ahead! xx

    1. Haha I love it when I see posts like that! :D I'm glad you liked it x

  2. Love the print on the jumper and the skirt! xoxo

  3. I love the stained glass jumper, it's so lovely :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. That dress is perfect ! Only thing is half my wardrobe is filled with denim dresses/pinafores hahah and I don't have a big wardrobe !


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