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I know I know, I should still be looking at parkas and jumpers but I just can't help myself!
I'm not quite as frilly, girly, pastel - obsessed it would seem this summer. I'm drawn towards things that are, yes feminine, but in a more subtle, grown up way. God help me I might actually be growing up.

The pieces here are quite interchangeable and it all works quite nicely in a 'capsule wardrobe' sort of way. The accessories and shoes go nicely with both the dress and top-and-skirt. I also think the pop of bright lip would tie each look together beautifully, and the hat would just add that effortlessly chic touch.  DO you have any thoughts on what you'll be wearing once it warms up a bit?

Wishlist || March Edition


 An open letter to summer 2013: 
Dear summer, hi, 
Yours, Bella. 

If you're in the UK then you've probably experienced at least a little snow in the last week. It's getting on my nerves. It's definitely March isn't? I haven't had some sort of horrific memory lapse and now we're in winter again have I? Despite the depressing weather I haven't let it get me down and I'm still slowly stocking up for an amazing summer to come. I've decided I want to at least have a go at self tanning this year as opposed to staying my usual paley-pale self all year round, I'm starting gently though, minimizing the risk of cheesy wotsit legs.
 These sunglasses are by John Galliano. I found them in TK MAXX for about £45 which I thought was pricey but really liked them, then a quick google search later I find out these babies are worth over £500! Not bad if I do say so myself! #bargainhunter.
 I'm also using the summer as an excuse to add to my nail polish collection. I've bought Coral by Barry M and Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI. Both gorgeous shades, though as it's reverted back to winter a little bit I may need to buy more AW polishes! What a shame right?
 Are you still in the mood for summer? What have you been buying recently?

.ever the optimist.


 Hi team! It's definitely been a while hasn't it.... yeah... sorry about that. But Easter break is here and, while I do have a crap-tonne of revision and essays to get done, I'm really looking forward to posting on here again. I've got a few posts planned with subjects like SS13 makeup, pampering skincare, tasty baking and a few personal-type-posty-things, so if you're interested definitely keep an eye out.

I go back to Uni on the 22nd of April and then exam season starts so I can't promise much will happen in the way of posting there, however after that I have three lovely free months before second year starts and I'll definitely get myself back into the blogging scene then. For now I'm really grateful to those of you who have stuck around and hope this next month I can get some good stuff on here for you.

Meanwhile have some pictures! >>>>
I'm back for Easter!



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