Friday Finds 001


This amazing DIY bracelet tutorial. Takes some effort but imagine accepting compliments with a gracious "Oh thanks, I made it myself actually!"

This incredible swimming pool. With slides!! This is definitely a feature in my fantasy home. 

This Smaug embossed moleskine... and yes I have already bought this. 

Clean Bandit's latest offering, Rather Be. Gorgeous song and really getting noticed. Quite right too.

This BAMF Juana Galan, who, at twenty years old, essentially led the women of her village to defend themselves against Napoleon's army in 1808. And yes, she's usually pictured with that big stick.

This recipe for cheesy onion baked salmon. NOM.

A really interesting piece by Margaret Atwood on writing about 'badly behaved' female characters in literature.

The Instagrammed adventures of two Dads and their incredibly cute kids!

This brilliant article on Not Giving A Fuck. I recommend bookmarking... or printing and sticking to your fridge.

Blogs I've Loved:

Hey look it's a new feature! I spend a lot of time tramping about on the internet and often come across some pretty interesting stuff, so I thought in the same vein as Things I Love Thursdays and Wednesday Wishlists etc, I would start putting out a weekly offering of fun, interesting or exciting things I've come across during my many hours of procrastination working online. Let me know whtat you think! 


  1. Ohh that bracelet looks beautiful <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Love this new feature! That article on not giving a fuck was too great, totally needed to read that haha. Also I want to teleport to wherever that slide is. That looks unreal.

    1. Thankyou Caitlin, really glad you enjoyed! x

  3. I would love to have that water slide in my dream home - omg that was be amazing!


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