LUSH 'The Comforter' Bubble Bar


Another LUSH review! (yay!) I'm back at uni now (boo! work!) and as such have had to give up my luxurious bubbly baths in favour of frugal, water saving quickie showers, which is what happens when you and 6 other people share a water bill. I knew this was coming, and that it would be another month at least until I got to visit home and pamper myself properly again. Therefore, the night before I left for uni, after I'd packed and gotten all my stuff sorted, I had the mother of all bubble baths with this baby.

The comforter bubble bar is one of my favourite LUSH products, definitely in my top five (Blog post idea anyone?) It smells like fruity, juicy berries and turns the water a luxurious magenta colour. It's also HUGE, meaning that it can easily be cut in half and used twice, with each half producing plenty of bubbles. While I do that most of the time, I decided to go all out and actually crumbled the whole thing into the tub before sinking into the mountainous peaks of pink foam. Heaven. I also really do feel that my skin benefits from this particular bubble bar, though that could just be because I enjoy using it so much, but I definitely find my skin feeling softer and moisturised which is great.

For me this is the perfect wind down after a string of stressful days, as the scent isn't too sugary or citrus based, it isn't 'energizing' (who on earth takes energizing baths I ask you?) and gets you all relaxed and ready to slip into your 'fresh from the tumble dryer' jammies and settle down to a good film or book for the evening. My overall impression of this product therefore: Buy it! Buy it now! 

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  1. I love the comforter bubble bar, it smells great.
    However, me being blonde I chucked the whole thing in the bath and ended up with a washing machine effect haha! The bubbles were over flowing!
    it's definitely worth buying! :)
    Maya xo

    1. Haha well worse things could happen than a too bubbly bath ;) Glad you enjoyed! x

  2. I want this! It seems like a great product to try out based on your review. I need a stress reliever nowadays and I think this is the perfect one. I love soaking in the bath tub for its relaxing to me. This will be included in my baths for sure!

    1. Thanks Jules, definitely give it a try x


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