Friday Finds . 002


A friendly reminder from the glorious Iris Apfel to us mere mortals that our individuality is more
 important than acceptance. 

The unbelievable feathers of this parakeet photographed for National Geographic.
I sometimes feel that human attempts at art and beauty are a little bit pathetic when 
we look at what is created by nature. 

On a far less 'deep' note. Need this. Now please. 

And these nifty little ceramic tumblers, given a revamp with a bit of DIY graphic
printing. Would be really cute for pen/makeup brush pots OR to plant teeny tiny
flowers or cacti for a windowsill. Naww. 


Sammy's amazing girly Game of Thrones nail art. These are freaking glorious. If I had any
 nail skills whatsoever I would be on that. But I don't so I'll just praise hers.

This handy guide to pulling off the harshest pastel colours this summer.

have bookmarked in my 'Will Definitely Need' folder. 

.Blogs I've Loved This Week.

>> On Repeat . Pyramids - Frank Ocean <<


  1. I loooove this post so much, great weekend inspo (and life haha) xx

    1. Thanks Jessica! Glad you like it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome! Let me know if you give them a try :) x


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