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I have a vague memory of saying that I wasn't particularly bothered with summery colours in my last wishlist post where I showcased a palette of greys, blues and tans translated onto floaty fabrics and summery prints... well I lied.

 I always do that. I get comfortable in my Autumn/Winter colours and when the summer clothes first start coming out I'm still in that mindset, but then a few weeks go by and my eyes start wandering to the brights and pastels and before you know it my wishlist looks like a fight at a fruit factory. This season I'm particularly drawn to fluro shades, which are those weird pastelly-neons that are cropping up. I love how they look as Accessories paired with whites, washed out denim, simple makeup and hair scraped into a messy bun, I think they're fun, inoffensive and really flattering.

I also just have to include this book as well. I absolutely love Terry Pratchett, his Discworld books especially are a joy to read, wonderfully written with brilliant characters and just so much fun. So imagine my delight when I was browsing through Waterstones and found these amazing special editions! I have a serious soft spot for beautifully covered books and just couldn't resist. Straight away I bought Good Omens (which he wrote with Neil Gaiman) and this one, Mort, is next on my list followed by several others... A long row of these have already materialised on the fantasy section of my future dream bookshelf.

Let me know if you like anything from this list and what's been on your wishlist recently!

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  1. Love that denim dress! I've got my eye on the daisy bracelets from river island at the moment, they're so pretty! x


  2. I love the denim dress and the necklace!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Lovely lovely gorgeousness!

    Love the creamy coral shades, exactly what my wardrobe craves!

    Faded Windmills

    1. It's definitely going to be my shade of the season! x

  4. I LOVE pastel neons, and the shoes are sooo dreamy, I probably have far too many but these would be a welcomed addition to a wardrobe revamp! XXX

    1. Shhhh you can never have too many Jessica! ;) x


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