I turned twenty two recently and as part of my present my lovely flatmates got me a box of LUSH goodies. I've been pretty boring when it comes to bath products recently, preferring to keep things simple and affordable (Ahh student poverty) but having been given the opportunity to try out some new things I've become a little more decadent again and as a result my skin has been feeling 'lush'! Bad pun alert. Among the goodies were these three products and as I've been using them for the past few weeks I thought I'd let you know what I thought. 

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Ooh you guys this stuff is amazing! I love exfoliators but often find that they can be a bit rough and harsh and leave my skin feeling irritated. Not this bad boy. Super fine granules in a gorgeously girly bright blue goop that lathers up in the shower and gently polishes the skin while keeping it baby soft. It's also great for (weirdly) working into your hair as a shampoo, as the salt creates some serious volume and helps create texture that makes it easier to style and the smell is glorious to have wafting around your face all day. Would definitely recommend, I'm getting a big tub of this the second this runs out. 

Vanilla Dee - Lite Body Lotion

I usually use my Soap & Glory body butter as an after shower moisturiser but have been using these for the past few weeks. It smells amazing. The scent is vanilla but it's not that sickly sweet baby-toy-plastic vanilla smell, it's a really deep, hot, starchy vanilla that's incredibly grown up and really yummy. My skin always feels hydrated and silky and though it probably won't replace my usual body butter it's a lovely product and I'm going to finish it all. I'd recommend giving it a sniff if you're in a LUSH shop as it's definitely something I'd have overlooked if it hadn't been given to me. It really is Dee-Lite-ful! ... Sorry.

Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser

This is just a dinky little sample but it's lasted me ages! It's a nice creamy moisturiser with very little in the way of colour or fragrance. My skin is 'normal', not too oily and not too dry either and for me this was a bit on the rich side for daily wear, I felt that my makeup seemed to get a little greasy after a few hours which I obviously don't want. For me this actually works really nicely as a night cream, patted a little on after cleansing my face. I've never been one for using moisturiser at night (Beauty treason I know) simply because the thickness of creams geared for night time often mean I wake up with a greasy face and get prone to breakouts. With this however I wake with plump healthy feeling skin and feel all grown up now that I'm using a night time moisturiser... even if it's just a day cream being sneaky. It'd probably be good for dryer skins during the day if you need something quite rich to keep your skin smooth and nourished. 

Hopefully that was in some way helpful to you, it's been a while since I did anything beauty related, I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. I can really feel myself getting back into LUSH again, I always seem to go through phases, is it just me? I had forgotten how much I enjoyed their products but I'm very tempted to go in there soon and have a browse, especially with their Christmas bits coming out! If I buy anything more I shall let you know how I get on with it. Until next time, thank you for reading, let me know what you've been using recently to keep your skin feeling 'lush', ahaha... that wasn't funny the first time was it? Ahem. Don't get up, I'll show myself out. 

Lush Skin | Yummy Products and Terrible Puns


Hey look! It's been less than a month since I last posted! What are the chances?

So I'm back at university and you know what that means, my already unimpressive blogging consistency takes a nosedive. But I am trying to keep up some regularity and have been reading all my favourite blogs even if I haven't had the time to leave any thoughtful or insightful comments. 

I thought I'd keep the ball rolling by featuring my October 'TBR' books (I term I'm stealing from BookTube). I mentioned on my Instagram how much I liked that they were all quite colour appropriate for the autumn and, although none of them are especially 'spooky' they all sound quite dark and creepy and great for Halloween reads.

The Gunslinger ~ Stephen King

I'm a big fan of Stephen King but I've never tried his long running fantasy series, which is bizarre because I love me some fantasy. The Gunslinger is the first in what I usually see described as something like 'A Western style Game of Thrones' which sounds really fun. I mentioned a while ago that since finishing what's written of the A Song of Ice and Fire books and the entirety of the Emperor's Edge Chronicles (which I'll be reviewing in the coming weeks) I've missed having a series on the go. There's something so great about a big world with characters you spend a lot of time with so I'm hoping this'll rekindle my spirits and give me another fantasy world to flail hopelessly over. 

The Shining Girls ~ Lauren Beukes

I know next to nothing about this book but my friend Holly has said it's amazing and she has excellent literary tastes so I'm looking forward to it. I get the impression it's a crime thriller in the vein of the Gillian Flynn books but with some type of supernatural/ magic realism elements to it so I'm really intrigued. It's not the genre of books I usually go for but I'm always looking to branch out so I'm excited to try something new.

Alias Grace ~ Margaret Atwood

For those who don't know, I love me some Margaret Atwood. She's a sassy bamf who writes awesome literary fiction in a wide variety of genres but that all fit together in a very distinct style. I'm actually lucky enough to be studying a module dedicated to her this year so that's really exciting! This is one of three books on the reading list I have yet to tackle and it's one of her chunkier ones. It's historical fiction of sorts surrounding the true story of Grace Marks who is accused of murdering her employer in 1840's Canada. I'm already a few chapters in and enjoying it so far, though like all Atwood novels you have to let the narrative wind round you for a bit before she closes in on you and smacks you in the face with her sheer amazing-ness.

So that's what I'm hoping to read in the next few weeks. I will probably review The Shining Girls independently, Alias Grace along with a few other Atwoods (I'll have read eight by the end of the year so I'll probably review them in groups.) and The Gunslinger depends, I may wait and see if I read on in the series before I form any major thoughts.

Let me know what you think or if you've read any of these books. I should be back in the next few days with some beauty and skincare so stick around and I have a free day Wednesday so I'm going to come and perv on all your blogs and catch up with you all.

Reading Plans | October Edition



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