2016 Reading Resolutions and January TBR


Hey hey! long time no see! It's officially 2016 and I've decided to come back to blogging. This blog is now Folded Paper Foxes, and is all spruced up with a new theme and header and will now be more or less solely a book blog. 

Kicking off 2016 I've made some reading resolutions, just to help expand my reading and broaden my palette a little. 

. Read More Non-Fiction - I've been slowly dipping into non-fiction in the last six months and really want to get into the habit of reading at least one piece of non-fiction every month. I'm growing up now, and starting to form opinions on things like politics, social debates and science and want to make sure that my knowledge is as rounded and solid as it can be, because there's nothing worse than an opinionated person who hasn't got a fucking clue what they're talking about. I will not be that person. 

.Reread Harry Potter - I read each Harry Potter book, all the way through, once, when I was younger. Well I actually had Stephen Fry read me quite a few of them, on brightly coloured cassettes! I remember loving them at the time, and having the fourth and fifth on pre-order to make sure I got my copy, but for some reason the love and warmth I had for the Harry Potter universe hasn't stuck with me the way that it has for a lot of my friends, so this year I've decided I want to reread the series and rediscover the magic of my childhood. Plus I'd be very interested to read them as an adult, with a more critical, analytical brain. I'm hoping it doesn't spoil it for me. 

.Read More Graphic Novels - This doesn't have any particular backstory. Essentially I really enjoy graphic novels, but keep putting off reading them in favour of novels. I want to try out some new, different graphic novels such as Saga and Sex Criminals, and also expand my collection of titles from the DC Universe.

.Reduce my TBR books to under 10 - So for a few months I've been working for Waterstones... and that means 50% staff discounts... and proof copies... and that means that I've bought a ridiculous amount of books and the busy Christmas period has meant that I've had no time to read much at all! This has all culminated in a shamefully large amount of books hanging around on my shelves as yet unread. This is not ok. So essentially my next year of reading needs to be geared towards working through this backlog and stopping buying armfuls of books after work. 

So with some goals in mind I'm kicking off this year as I mean to go on and have a stack of books to help me get started on my reading goals:

January TBR

The Awakening ~ Kate Chopin
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K Rowling
Unspeakable Things - Laurie Penny 
Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay
Batman: The Long Halloween - Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

Five books is a pretty good number for me to read in a month. I'm not the sort of person who races through books but as graphic novels don't take too long maybe I'll end up getting through a few more. 

That's all from me for the moment! Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon with my top books of 2015. 

 Isabelle xx

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