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I'm going on a little trip next week! As part of my new job I'm being sent on a four day jolly trip to the Waterstones in Cirencester to see their very successful coffee shop and essentially steal all of their ideas. But that also means that my week is going to involve to long train journeys and three nights in a hotel room with a wi fi connection I'm feeling skeptical about. So this means treating myself to some new books to wile away the hours spent waiting for The Walking Dead to buffer:

Ship of Magic - Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb is one of those authors that I've wanted to get into for a long time. I started reading Fools Errand but realised about a third in that having not read the first trilogy, I was missing out on a lot of information that I needed to really engage with the story. I started the first book in the original farseer trilogy but just wasn't in the right place for it. However Luke (name you might recognise, went to Canada, ended up coming back early, whole other story) has read a lot of Robin Hobb, and tells me that The Liveship Traders trilogy is also a good place to start, so I've bought the first book which is a nice chunky volume that will hopefully keep me quiet, and if I enjoy it, I might purchase the next to from the Waterstones in Cirencester!

A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara

Another paving slab of a book. I've been very apprehensive about getting this, I have friends who thought it was incredible, truly life changing, but I've heard others call it melodramatic and worthless. Honestly I wasn't really intending to read this, but I'm just so curious to see which side I fall on and how I respond to it that when it finally came out in paperback I caved and bought it. I'm hoping I'll enjoy it, it's going to be quite a time commitment so hopefully it'll be worth it.

Nod - Adrian Barnes 

Something a little less daunting. This book, published last year, is suddenly enjoying a revival. It offers a fresh take on the dystopian genre that's just about run out of steam. Barnes' 'end of the world disaster' takes the form of a near world wide insomnia, with only a select few being able to sleep, and now sharing the same dream. I don't know anything else about this, but that was enough to intrigue me. It's supposed to be creepy and hell and very clever so I'm looking forward to it.

There we go, that was exciting wasn't it? I know I don't do those impressive, ridiculous, double digits books hauls, but when I do that I just find that about two thirds of them go unread and that makes me sad. I find it much easier to buy two or three books, read through those, then treat myself to another two or three. That means they all get read and I don't spend way beyond the realms of sensibility which, when you're a dedicated book buyer, is easy to do.

If you've read any of these and have opinions, let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Okay wauw, Nod sounds really interesting. Adding it to my TBR straight away!

    It so much fun with those books, which always create deep feelings or either hate or love. Totally get, why you have to see, which side you will be on. Have fun reading! :)



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