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The amount of soil that ended up on my bed due to these photos was not worth the end result...

I had heard great things about Saga but wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it followed two people from warring planets who fall in love and have a baby.... and that's essentially what it is so far. I really enjoyed the tone of the story, it was very irreverent and aware of just how weird it was. I love it when graphic novels take advantage of the freedom of the form and go really wild. Somehow graphic novels ave the luxury of being incredibly over the top, or bizarre in ways that other mediums can't and Saga definitely capitalises on this.

 We see some of the most bizarre life forms anyone could imagine, and watch as they have explicit sex, get into bloody fights, swear, argue and generally dick about during an intergalactic war. The story revolves mostly around the two new parents trying to find a way off the war torn planet with their newborn baby, but we also meet those hunting them. A robot prince with a pregnant wife, a woman who looked like Meryl Streep had ten seconds to dress as a unicorn, a strange but awesome topless dreadlocked spider assassin lady and 'The Will' a bounty hunter with a giant lie detector sphinx cat, who looks to be being set up as the 'not all bad' bad guy. It really does seem like they had a brainstorm where anything goes and then couldn't bear to lose any of the ideas. I won't pretend it's not weird as balls but Saga does seem to be carrying it off so far!

As graphic novels are so damn short there isn't a whole lot more to say. The story is incredibly silly, a tonne of fun and the art is absolutely excellent. I'll be purchasing the next few volumes soon and will do a catch up review once I have more story to talk about.

In the mean time let me know if you've read any of Saga and what you thought!

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